Are you looking for an exciting and motivating In-Service Staff Development Trainer to inspire and empower your staff? Elementary Schools; Middle & High Schools; Child Development Centers; Non-profits; Foster Family Agencies, and Corporations are all home court to Scott. By booking him for your training, Scott will provide innovative ideas for strengthening their skills and stretching their abilities.


Staff Training in Orange County, California - Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach.


     Scott created his In-Service Staff Training in response to an overwhelming demand from educators, administrators, mental health professionals, as well as those folks in corporate america for tools that work in the real world. Tools that help them make a profound positive difference in their lives both personally and professionally while making their jobs easier and much more fun!

     His highly interactive and unique fun style will provide your staff with the powerful tools they need to be successful in today's world. Scott's Staff Development and In-Service Trainings cover a wide range of topics designed to help those in all sorts of professions to stay happy, healthy, and motivated for the tough jobs they all do. Scott combines twenty-three years of first hand practical experience with scientific principles to teach the skills and abilities needed to be successful in today's competitive world. He specializes in result-oriented performance concepts that motivate folks from all walks of life to stretch their abilities, their expectations, and learn how to be the best they can be.


Staff Training Tools

     Scott's trainings will provide your staff with tools that work in the real world. Workshop participants will lean new and innovative techniquest to increase their communication skills, their work skills, and their stress management skills.

     Scott provides an amazingly relaxing stress management course where participants learn how to relax, breathe, and let the stress they are feeling just melt away -- this class can be done in as little as 1 hour -- perfect for a lunch time brown bag at your company! Your staff will  looove you  for bringing in Scott for this short relaxation course!!! Stay Relaxed, Stay Calm, and Manage Stress While Staying Healthy in Today's Fast Paced World  is one of Scott's most popular and requested classes for corporations. Call today to get on Scott's calendar!

     He will help your staff uncover, and discover, their hidden professional abilities while promoting their personal and professional growth. In his workshops, Scott takes aid at complacency and "that's the way we've always done it" thinking. He teaches workshop participants to "unplug" from negative behavior patterns they usually don't even know they are doing, to think outside those silly boxes, and how to use positive skills to do and achieve more than they ever thought possible in their life and in their careers.

     His humor, inspiration, and solid educational training and experience will provide an event that will enlighten and energize those attending to reach for higher levels of achienvement and personal fulfillment.

     For more information and availability on bringing Scott to your school, church, company, non-profit, or child-development center for a Staff Development Training   and giving your audience a presentation to remember  ...  call to speak with Scott today to get your event on his schedule for this year.



Staff Development and In-Service Training Topics



  • How to be a Teacher Without Losing Your Mind! (It's not JUST another day!!!)
  • Morphing from Burnout to Passion ~ The Secrets of Managing Stress & Creating Energized Professionals
  • Team Building ~ A Fun Day for Developing Closer and More Effective Work Relationships
  • How to Counsel Parents and Kids Without Losing Your Mind!
  • Strategies for Teaching Kids with Attention Deficit Disorder in the Classroom
  • How to Communicate Effectively with Difficult People
  • How to Manage Your Stress and Staying Healthy in Your Life
  • Stay Relaxed, Stay Calm, and Manage Stress While Staying Healthy in Today's Fast Paced World
  • How to Use Goal Setting and Prioritizing to Create Successful Team Members
  • How to Delegate at Work and at Home
  • How to Comminicate Effectively, Assertively, and Easily
  • Stop Procrastinating Now!
  • How to Solve Problems Easily and Effectively
  • Creating Healthy Work and Home Relationships
  • Overloaded? How to Take Control and Manage Work and Family Effectively!












    Scott Peebles is a staff trainer and keynote speaker in Orange County, Californa

    Scott is a professional speaker at local and national conferences. Corporations
    Scott is a local and national speaker hosting parent education workshops. Non-profit Agencies
    Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. Schools
    Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. School Districts
    Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. Child Development Centers
    Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training.

    Foster Family Agencies


    "Scott, how can I thank you enough for all you gave us?! Your In-Service Training was 'fun,' 'renewing,' 'informative,' 'relaxing,' and 'a thumbs up day.' Truly, everyone is calmer, happier, and more focused today than they've been. I feel we are a better staff and individuals for having met you.""
    ~ Kathy Turner, Director, Fairplex Child Development Center

    "Scott's staff training provided us with useful concrete tools we can use immediately. Most important, it is a fun and interactive workshop!"
    ~ Gaileen Bumgarner, Program Administrator, Children's Home Society of California

    “Scott, I so wished we could have had you ALL DAY!” Thank you!
    ~ Marcie Taylor, Riverside, CA

    "Excellent Staff Training Scott! Every school should have you come and train their teachers!"

    ~ Caren Aufhammer, Teacher, St. John's Episcopal School

    "This was the best in-service all year!"

    ~ Lesley Buchanan, Teacher, Los Padrinos School

    "Not being a teacher, I didn't think Scott's presentation would be useful to me. Surprise! (I love surprises) It was great!"
    ~ Cheryl Stidham, Registrar, Dana Hills High School

    "Everything was so positive and ego-boosting. I think we all feel a lot more important than we did yesterday. And of course, the Koosh Ball was a perfect way of interaction. Thank you Scott!"
    ~ Tracy DeWitt, Program Specialist, Children's Home Society of California

    "Excellent training! Scott, you should do a talk show!"
    ~ Lucille Robustelli, Special Education Teacher, Dana Hills High School

    "Very empowering! Scott uses such great stories. I wish there was more time!"
    ~ Julie Sparacio, Counselor, Capistrano Valley High School

    “My negatives had wiped out my positive energy and you gave me a recharge today Scott! My family and staff thank you!”
    ~ Candy Meade, Options Child Care