Keynote and Parent Seminar Topics

     Scott blends the best and latest information to bring you presentations bursting with excitment that will nourish you personally and professionally while delighting your conference . Go ahead and indulge your heart's desire to supercharge and satisfy your event with Scott's wholesome fun and talent.

     Scott offers a range of entertaining and educational Keynote and Seminar topics that are perfect for parents, couples, teachers, and all sorts of agencies that work and help children and their parents. Some of his most popular presentations are:


  • How to Parent Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind!
  • How to Parent Your Teenager Without Losing Your Mind!
  • How to Parent Your Foster Kids Without Losing Your Mind!
  • How to Be Married Without Losing Your Mind!
  • Secrets of Successful Loving Couples
  • How to NOT Be a Wimpy Parent and NOT Raise an Entitled BRAT!
  • BABY BOOT CAMP! (Everything you always wanted to know about how to discipline kids.)
  • Temperament ~ Screaming and Tantrums and Crying, Oh My!!!
  • How to Get Your Child to Go Nighty Night ~ Easily!
  • Secrets of Successful Parents: How You Can Motivate, Captivate, & Raise Successful Kids!
  • Disciplining Your Temperamental Child ~ Fun Ways to be a Consistent, Loving, & VERY Effective Parent!
  • “Help Me I’m a Parent, and I Have No Life!”
  • How to Talk with Your Kids About Sex (and not faint from embarrassment!)
  • KidSafe ~ How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Abduction and Molestaton
  • How to Have Romance "AK" (After Kids!!!)

  • Parenting

    Scott is available as your
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    Scott provides exciting keynote speaking locally and nationally.

    Scott is a professional speaker at local and national conferences. Conferences
    Scott is a local and national speaker hosting parent education workshops. Parent Education Workshops
    Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. Staff Development and In-Service Training
    Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. Retreats



    National and Regional Conferences
    School Districts
    Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
    Child Development Centers
    Non-Profit Organizations
    Foster Family and Adoption Organizations

    If you are searching for a speaker on Children, Teens, Parenting, or how to help or work with them ~ give Scott a call  ~  he's the speaker or trainer you've been searching for.


    Parents Love Scott's Workshops

    “I loved your energy Scott! You are so much fun to watch and learn from. Thank you!!!”
    ~ Beth Anderson, Orange, CA

    “Loved it!”
    ~ Cindy Valdes, Placentia, CA

    “Scott was awesome!”
    ~ Anna Buzzone, Anaheim, CA

    “You’ve helped me think outside the box. Thank you!”
    ~ Keri Damosher, Bellflower, CA

    “What an incredible seminar. I learned so much. Thank you Scott!”
    ~ Patricia Sean, Costa Mesa, CA

    “Scott is very warm, approachable, personable, fun, and easy to listen too. Everything he taught is going to help me with my kids. Thank you!
    ~ Kelly Walters, Newport Beach, CA

    “I completely enjoyed your down to earth realistic approach for us parents to connect to our kids.”
    ~ Gloria Casillas, La Mirada, CA

    “It was great!”
    ~ Susan Hastings, Hope International University, Fullerton, CA

    “All your tools were amazing Scott. I just wish we had more time with you!”
    ~ Yum Dak, Buena Park, CA

    “Scott, you are one of the best speakers I have ever heard. You have so much great information and it’s a great presentation too!”
    ~ Lisa Medrano, Norwalk, CA

    “I love your ‘SOWP’ advice!”
    ~ Patti Davenport, Santa Ana, CA

    “Scott’s fundamental ideas are about bringing happiness to our lives … and it’s just great how he does this for parents and their kids … because without it our lives would be mundane, monotonous, and meaningless.”
    ~ Marissa Finney, Fountain Valley, CA

    “Fun and Energizing!”
    ~ Kathie Silva, La Habra, CA